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Get Super Bowl XLIX Tickets for up to 90% Off Through TicketScore

August 22nd, 2014 at 10:19 AM
By Dan Benton

Every NFL fan dreams of seeing their team in the Super Bowl and now you can check that off your bucket list with the help of They have a system in place to get you to the biggest games for a fixed weekly buy-in price; and when your team goes to the Super Bowl, you will be there to root them on at an extreme discount.

Typically, TicketScore can get you to the Super Bowl with savings between 70% and 90% off the market price. That means you can score tickets to the biggest games (not just the Super Bowl) for a fraction of the cost and be a part of your favorite team’s history.

TicketScore works in three easy ways. First, you will pick your favorite team and the championship game you want to go to. Next, you will buy-in at a low weekly price over the course of the full season. Lastly, you can go to the Super Bowl when your team makes it at no additional ticket cost.

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Lance Briggs Practices with Starters, Limited for Chicago Bears

December 18th, 2013 at 4:36 PM
By Evan Fitzgerald

'Lance Briggs' photo (c) 2011, Mike Morbeck - license:

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs practiced with the first team Wednesday, but was limited according to the team.  Briggs has missed two months with a shoulder injury, but head coach Marc Trestman is still hopefull he'll be able to make his return Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“It’s still day-to-day,” Trestman said, according to “I’m optimistic he’ll play. How much? We’ll see how he feels. I’d be better to answer that question after Friday’s practice, maybe even going into Sunday. But he did get some work today and I talked to him after he said he felt pretty good so we’ll see where he is tomorrow.” 

Briggs had 75 tackles and two sacks when he fractured his shoulder on October 10th.  The Bears defense has struggled, and has fallen to the bottom of the NFL in most defensive statistics.

Briggs is expected to speak with reporters after Thursday's practice.

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CB Charles Tillman Will Miss Rest of Season for Chicago Bears

December 16th, 2013 at 1:34 PM
By Evan Fitzgerald

'Medal of Honor meeting' photo (c) 2010, The U.S. Army - license:

Charles Tillman will not return for the Chicago Bears this season. The Pro Bowl cornerback was placed on injured reserve with the designation to return, but that won't happen this season as he continues to battle a triceps injury.

Head coach Marc Trestman made the announcement Monday.  He told reporters Tillman has not been able to make enough progress to make the team comfortable putting him back on the field this year.

"It became apparent over time that he wouldn't be available," said Trestman.

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Marc Trestman Happy with Jay Cutler’s Performance Despite Picks

December 16th, 2013 at 1:24 PM
By Evan Fitzgerald

'chicago-bears_jay_cutler' photo (c) 2012, NFL News Desk Admin - license:

It wasn't always pretty, but Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman's gamble to replace Josh McCown with a healthy Jay Cutler resulted in a Bears' victory.  And as usual, Trestman isn't second guessing the decision.

“I don’t look at anything as me having something at stake," Trestman said.  "Every decision we make is completely within the interest of the football team and what’s best at this time. We had a plan going in; we had a plan for the last month. What I said the day after the Detroit game was the same thing I said the day before we started practicing. We had a plan and we were going live by it. As I said, I think not only Jay, but this football team handled it very well this week.”

Well, the Bears were able to handle it well enough to come out with a win, but early on it looked like Cutler wasn't quite ready for prime time.  Two interceptions, including a pick-six kept Cleveland in the game with a chance to win.  Trestman did acknowledge that Cutler could have made better decisions on those throws.

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Lance Briggs on Track for Dec. 22nd Return

December 13th, 2013 at 4:25 PM
By Evan Fitzgerald

'Lance Briggs' photo (c) 2011, Jeffrey Beall - license:

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs could be ready to return by Dec. 22nd vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.

Briggs fractured his shoulder in late October, and the Bears defense has struggled ever since.  Briggs had 75 tackles and two sacks before getting hurt, and the Bears have had the NFL's worst run defense without him.

There was some hope he'd be able to return this week vs. the Cleveland Browns, but head coach Marc Trestman addressed Briggs status Thursday.


“I’d be much more optimistic next week that he [could return],” Trestman said. “He got more work today, and we’ll see how he is doing at the start of next week. But it raises our optimism, certainly.” – via


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