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Joe Thomas asks the key question on Kaepernick

Plenty of people have plenty of opinions about the ongoing unemployment of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. One specific person's opinion (more accurately, a question) caught my attention.

The Head is the Hardest Hit: Briggs, Sayers and the Brain

Lance Briggs says he thinks he has CTE and Gayle Sayers has dementia. Brain injuries are prevalent in the NFL.

Bear’s Den Weekend Open Thread: March 25-26, 2017

Your weekend heaping helping of hospitality...

Who is your preferred 2017 rookie quarterback?

Let us know which of the 2017 rookie quarterbacks you are hoping is picked by the Chicago Bears.

Mike Glennon Believes In His Chances With The Bears

"He has a natural leadership style to him," general manager Ryan Pace says.

A Simple Proposal: The Hidden QB Solution

It's time to embrace the simple reality that the 2017 Chicago Bears are going to be a little unorthodox. By that measure, it's possible that they are deeper at quarterback than fans know.

Gabriel: Scouting LSU S Jamal Adams

Adams doesn't have the athleticism to justify going in the top five, but he projects as a quality starter.

Alshon Jeffery denies reaching out to Adam Schefter for advice

You may recall this week that a fascinating profile came out at Sports Illustrated detailing the behind the scenes work of ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter. Nobody in sports media breaks as much news or

The Bernstein Brief: Bears Biding Time At QB

More than anything, the addition of Mark Sanchez is a symbol.

2017 Bears Draft: Moving in the Second

The second round is a good place to find talent. However, the trade value chart reflects this, making it hard for a team to double up here without making some real sacrifices.