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Jay Cutler Involved in 2 On-Field Altercations Sunday

November 28th, 2012 at 1:44 PM
By PJ Foti

Throughout his career, Jay Cutler sure has rubbed some people the wrong way. That has been made evident here, here and here amongst many more places that you could fill in on your own.

As a result, Cutler is criticized more often than not, even if it's undeserving. Prior to Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, Cutler had been cleared to play after suffering a concussion following a hit that cost Houston Tim Dobbins $30,000.

As ESPN showed footage of Cutler walking into Soldier Field, analyst Tom Jackson spurts out a rather aggressive attack towards Cutler for not "saying hello" to the members of the Soldier Field ground crew as opposed to saying kinds words welcoming him back to the playing field.

This is what Cutler has been used to throughout his career.

But is Jackson serious? It would be rather amusing to have a camera follow him into ESPN studios on Sunday or Monday and see how many people he says "hello" to on his way by. Jackson shouldn't have made this comment, and kept all criticism on the field or in the media room, as Cutler is prone to fueling the media's fire in those instances.

Before moving on, we just want to make note here that it seemed as if Keyshawn Johnson may have had Cutler's back here saying "focus?" in response to Jackson's remarks.

Moving onto the field, we'll start with the negative since we are in fact, talking about Jay Cutler.

With about 2:30 to play in the first quarter, Cutler scrambled left, stiff-armed the defender (A.J. Jefferson), and was flagged for taunting after throwing the ball at Jefferson at the conclusion of the play.

BuzzFeed Sports couldn't have laid this sequence out any more perfectly than this.

This play went up in a frenzy as Cutler was penalized 15 yards and the Bears ended up out of field goal range. People said his actions weren't necessary, which is true, but that's who Jay Cutler is. It's no secret that Cutler isn't going to lay down to anyone in the league, any so many just need to laugh at this exchange.

It's Cutler being Cutler.

His second altercation involves the team's left tackle J'Marcus Webb. This isn't the first time Cutler was involved in an on-field confrontation with Webb, as the two butted heads during the team's loss to the Green Bay Packers earlier this year.

This instance, however, was more of a positive note for the two. If you refer to the video at the top of the screen, you see Webb's shoe came off during the play, and Cutler stepped in to tie Webb's shoe so they team wouldn't have to burn a timeout.

The play clock still ran down before Chicago was ready to get their next play off so Cutler did in fact have to use one of Chicago's timeouts, but the fact of the matter is, Cutler stepped in to help a teammate.

We'll say that again.

Cutler stepped in to help a teammate.

He claimed that his fatherly instincts kicked in as a result of Webb losing his shoe. Cutler and girlfriend Kristin Cavallari welcomed their son, Camden Jack Cutler, into the world in August, and Cutler knows he'll have to be tying shoes for his son before he knows it.

"Just getting ready for Cam. Just getting my shoe tying down," Cutler said Monday on "The Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN 1000.

"Well, I guess before the game I didn't necessarily loop, swoop and pull tight enough," Webb said.

We can't wait to see what type of negative spin analysts like Jackson will put on this latest Cutler act.

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